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Wild Mammals of North America

, 1,232 pages

126 halftones, 302 line drawings

October 2003
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Wild Mammals of North America

Biology, Management, and Conservation

second edition

Winner of the 1984 Wildlife Publications Award from the Wildlife Society, the first edition of Wild Mammals of North America (published in 1982) offered zoologists, naturalists, wildlife specialists, and students detailed information about the biology, conservation status, and management of 57 mammalian species and species groups, with contributions from 100 of the leading authorities. Now thoroughly revised to reflect new biological research and approaches to wildlife conservation and management, the second edition of this "essential volume" ( Wildlife Society Bulletin) continues to provide the most current and comprehensive data on the distribution, physiology, ecology, behavior, commercial value, and viability of nongame species including bats, woodrats, prairie dogs, and armadillo, the whales, seals, and sireians, as well as carnivores, furbearers, and big game species.

George A. Feldhamer is a professor of zoology and director of the environmental studies program at Southern Illinois University. Bruce C. Thompson is director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and teaches conservation biology at New Mexico State University. Joseph A. Chapman is president of North Dakota State University.

"Provides comprehensive data on the distribution, physiology, ecology, behavior and commercial value of both game and non-game species of terrestrial mammals... This volume is an essential for any professional in the areas of wildlife management or biology, and of great value to anyone interested in the life histories of North American mammals."

"Whether your interest in wildlife is as a wildlife manager, hunter or nature lover, a new book offers information on every mammal found in North America. Wild Mammals of North America, Biology, Management, and Conservation contains illustrations and detailed information on 57 mammalian species, with contributions from 100 leading authorities."

"I am very excited to now review a classic work in the field of North American Mammals. The goal of this book is to provide a wide ranging audience including professional biologists and interested conservationists review chapters dealing with mammals of that usually require some form of management... This new volume contains a total of 1000+ pages of text, 55 chapters, and over 100 contributors having been involved in writing the chapters. The authors all have direct experience with the animals they are writing about and this makes their work particularly valuable... This should be mandatory reading for anyone contemplating research on one of the species covered within this book... For AZA institutions heavily involved in North American species this book comes recommended."

"Anyone needing information on the life history and management of North American mammals will find this work a comprehensive and useful resource."

"An excellent, encyclopedic review of the biology of North American mammals."

"An ambitious and important contribution."

"There has been a need for some time now for a major work on mammals which includes a detailed description of each species, describes its biology and discusses management techniques and research. Wild Mammals of North America fills that void and represents a major contribution to reference literature on mammals. "

"An enormous amount of firsthand experience and published data have been brought together in a way never previously achieved."

"For reference and as a textbook, Wild Mammals of North America is excellent."

"May be easily read by scientists and laymen alike. The authors impart a great deal of management and conservation information about each species or species group while considering the economic and cultural pressures our society exerts on the animals and their environment."

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