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Table Of Contents

Prologue: Substituting for the Horse, Choosing Propulsion
The First Generation (1881–1902)
1. Separate Spheres: Culture and Technology of the Early Car
2. Failed Experiments: The First-Generation Electric Taxicab
The Second Generation (1902–1925)
3. Horse Power: The City Car, the Touring Car, and the Crisis of 1907
4. The Trojan Horse: The Competition for the Taxicab Market
5. The Electrified Horse: The Commercial Vehicle in Europe
The Third Generation and Beyond
6. The Serious Side of Mobility: The Electric Truck in the United States
7. Off the Road and Back: Utilitarian Nices or New Universalism?
Epilogue: Alternative Technologies and the History of Tomorrow's Car
A Note on Method
Bibliography and Resources

The Electric Vehicle
Technology and Expectations in the Automobile Age
Publication Date: 15 Feb 2013
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Page Count: 440 pages
Illustrations: 42 halftones, 15 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421409702