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"In this first-ever consideration of what makes patient safety unique, John Banja sets out a new framework for our consideration, enriched by considering medical malpractice cases. This is welcome food for thought, and interviews with thought-leaders in the patient safety domain are the icing on the cake."

"This is a wise and original volume that will inspire practitioners and institutions to embrace their professionalism and resist countervailing forces that can degrade care. A must-read for twenty-first-century medicine."

"Once again John Banja forces us to look at the role and responsibilities of caregivers to reassess their engagement in ensuring a culture of safety for patients. A thoughtful and important read to further elevate discussions about safety and accountability in healthcare."

"John Banja has been an important thought leader in the disclosure and apology movement, and now with this book he is helping us frame and improve our thinking on patient safety."

"Banja's work on the ethics of safety offers a much-needed practical account of where duties concerning safety sit in relation to duties to patients, colleagues, and communities."

"While ethics in healthcare most frequently focuses on patient rights, Dr. Banja examines the delivery side of that equation. Using safe care as an ethical imperative for the system, he proposes ethical constructs by which to measure our efforts. Patient Safety Ethics is provocative, intriguing, and ultimately humbling."

Patient Safety Ethics
How Vigilance, Mindfulness, Compliance, and Humility Can Make Healthcare Safer
Publication Date: 25 Jun 2019
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 272 pages
ISBN: 9781421429083